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The end of the 2017/18 Tour Workshops

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The end of the 2017/18 Tour Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Saturday, 17 November 2018, 8:05 PM

Dear Colleagues

We have reached the end of the CPD Tour Workshops for 2017/2018, as well as my involvement with the CPD workshops for this particular professional body.


The purpose of the very short letter is to conclude some practical arrangements:

·         ASCHP and Liedani have decided that they will not continue with website (www.aschp-cpd). Thus, this website will be shut down during the next two weeks. If there is any information, you need to download, please do it as soon as possible - before the end of November 2018.

·         All the CPD assessment forms were scanned and handed in to Liedani as promised. If you have any administrative enquiries or requests, please contact Synegetica/Liedani directly at 0829074327 or


It was a great privileged to present the CPD workshops to members of ASCHP, NHA and CCSA. Thank you for all the positive feedback on the assessment forms.

I wish you all the best with your practice and wellness.

Kind regards

Dr Barbara Louw