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Feedback from 2018 Kimberley Workshops

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Feedback from 2018 Kimberley Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Sunday, 22 July 2018, 5:48 PM

Die Workshop from Bikers Church

18.1 Research & Theory: Specialized Counselling

“Certainty of scope of practice – clarification. Broadening of areas of counselling information. Work positively, not always focusing on the negative.” NS

18.2 Practice Tools: Effective Practice Management - Presented by Wynand Louw CFP® FIISA

“Affirmation of self-worth in terms of business and finances: Define your WHY. Live your WHY!” NS

“The value of me/my service. Valuable information!” MC

“Rethinking my value and worth regarding my service.” NN

“Being able to understand my vision, target group = business plan.” SNM

18.3 Practice Tools: Body Language

“Very positive discussion, good input from co-CPD-attendants.” BV

“Very well presented! The eye accessing chart was a revelation. One statement that really grabbed my heart, ‘smile can make you more competent’.” NS

18.4 Practice techniques: Neuro Linguistic Practice

“Well presented. Meaningful insights into how practically to help clients to move forward and renew their minds. Learned about specific ways to achieve transformation, like time line exercise, picture enhancement, ect.” NS

“Practical, applicable info – valuable!” MC

18.5 Practice Management: Group Counselling

 “I personally enjoyed this session as it was just needed to give me a kick start what I have been planning to do in a loooong while. *starting a group with a motivational piece is a valuable tool for me. Thank you.” DL.

“What an awesome way to help people in groups. Very practical and good advice given.” EvdM

“Loved the practical part of the sessions. What really grabbed my heart was the realness and that a good group leader needs to be real. NB Good planning!” NS

“Baie insiggewend, persoonlik nog nooit in groepsverband gewerk nie, maar besef daar is eintlik ‘n nood in Kimberley aan sulke ondersteuningsgroepe.” BV

18.6 Counselling Education: Memory Training

“The way of facilitating is so meaningful and practical enough as it reconciles and more life and understanding onto information previously learnt.” DL

“Wake-up call to do more to improve my brain function/s in terms of holistic health, most basic, drinking more water. Don’t overload my working memory.” NS

18.7 Holism in Counselling: Longevity Counselling

“Made me aware of the benefits of wellness in the practice – healthy body, healthy mind.” MC

“Fresh, clear vision in moving forward in practice longevity is the fruit of practicing wellness.” NS

18.8 Ethics and Values: Counselling in the Wellness Paradigm

“Wellness awareness and helping others is very important.” EvdM

“I loved the wellness wheel! Practical assessment and evaluation tool.” NS

“Very good work done into putting the material together and the delivery is just from the top of the shelf. The God in you, just does an amazing job in planting and upholding hope in us and in the world that we are sent out to serve. May God continue to use you and increase you in all areas of your life. God bless!” DL

“Baie leersaam. Kursus is puik aangebied. Waardevolle inligting. Ek voel baie opgewonde.” WV

“Fantastic perspective of harmony between the spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.” MC

“Wellness counselling is vir my ‘n baie interessante veld. Weer opgewonde na vandag se sessie.” BV

“Holistic counselling is the answer and the way forward!” NN