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Reactions from 2018 Paarl and George Workshops

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Reactions from 2018 Paarl and George Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Monday, 21 May 2018, 8:08 PM

The CPD tour workshops for the first half of 2018 are completed. Here is reaction from participant from the Western Cape: Paarl and George.

Annatjie Nel attended all the sessions and summarized the three days as follows: “It was genuinely one of the best workshops I have attended. It was inspiring, informative and the method of delivery was easy to receive. All the information provided made sense in terms of the principles and their application. The content is immediately applicable and I can use the information in both my professional and personal life. It was really, really worth it. Great stuff!

Reaction to module 18.1 – Research & Theory: Specialized Counselling

Have learned so much about working within my scope of practice which protects me – safety net”. (T Wiese)

The memory training module is definitely a crucial part of counselling that cannot be overemphasized. More techniques would be a sound investment. The benefits are of course wonderful, because it reminds one of just how easy it is to practice this crucial part of our calling”.  (C Visagie)

Reaction to module 18.2 –Practice Tools: Effective Practice Management

Practice management is such an important part of counselling. It was great that Wynand laid out all the different aspects of business”. (A Nettel)

Very practical and clear to follow. Less daunting to tackle. Great resources”. (M Russell)

This was not just great, it was mind blowing and I am growing a new tree!!”. (A Knock)

Reaction to module 18.3 – Practice Tools: Body Language

Lovely interaction and thought provoking benefit – to never assume, when it comes to body language”. (M Russell)

I compliment the facilitator on her style and discussion topics. A lot was covered in an easy relaxed way. Well done”. (L Cruickshank)

I feel that I benefited hugely from Barbara’s interaction with us, her calm and clear explanations and group participation. Wonderful, really helpful”. ( A Knock)

Great presentation and session. Benefit – taking all patterns of behaviour into account. Enjoy – the ‘playing’ part and videos”. (H Swanepoel)

Reaction to module 18.4 – Practice techniques: Neuro Linguistic Practice

NLP is a very powerful tool, although it must not be a counsellor’s only tool. Benefits: Definitely the enhancement of positive experiences, the realignment of the brain’s pathways”. (C Visagie)

NLP is a ‘new’ wide field to be explored much more. Thank you for more reading info and to let me understand the fundamentals of NLP – let go of the ‘bad’ to enable you to grow. Looking forward to the next NLP workshop”. (H Swanepoel)

Reaction to module 18.5 – Practice Management: Group Counselling

Excellent presentation. Served as a refresher and a fountain of new information”. (A Nel)

I thoroughly enjoyed the group work. I found it stimulating, find the angles helpful and interesting. It was presented in a very practical way. I’m looking forward to implementing it”. (C Meaker)

Relevant, practical, applicable, insightful information that can be applied to group work!” (N J van Rensburg)

This was a wonderful session and it has encouraged me to stretch myself to start a group”. (T Wiese)

Not an area I am adept, so excited to see how this can enhance my business with the same ethos and commitment I have to see individuals heal and grow in wellness”. (M Russell)

I rediscovered many gems of group work. It inspired me to continue with group work with some minor changes. I feel ignited to go and do groups again”. (A Nettel)

This has given me so much practical advice. But more than that, the wisdom that Barbara shared from her experience was very powerful and empowering. I learned almost most from how she did it, than from what she said”. (P Viljoen-Louw)

Reaction to module 18.6 – Counselling Education: Memory Training

The context of the course extremely relevant and interesting. I will be able to apply the knowledge attained to the work that I do in counselling. Interaction with fellow counsellors was helpful and beneficial. Memory training significant in success of counselling. Remembering self-care important for stress management – important for being the best you can be”. (S Boyes)

Self-care and my own experiences are of great importance to assist my clients. Memory loss is a symptom of stress and need to be an alarm bell”. (A Nettel)

Enjoyed seeing memory improvement, especially in context of using past experiences to encourage upliftment”. (M Russell)

Very informative and helpful. Interactive session. So many good points that I will have to put into practice. Barbara’s easy manner makes it very enjoyable”. (J Hughes)

Reaction to module 18.7 – Holism in Counselling: Longevity Counselling

Absolutely loved the brainstorming re group therapy in longevity and networking. Wonderful ideas”. (M Russell)

Longevity is a vital ingredient to wellness. I enjoyed the brainstorming and practical approach of the session”. ( A Nettel)

Being motivated to move in right direction. Thanks Dr Louw”. (J Cook)

Reaction to module 18.8 – Ethics and Values: Counselling in the Wellness Paradigm

Important to consider wellness both of client and counsellor. Remember to lead an integrative existence – to be mindful of positivity of living. Thank you for the knowledge and empowerment to continue working for others”. (S Boyes)

It was great being with like-minded people. Being with people who share aspects of life that I enjoy. It is almost a statement of confirmations – reminded me of why I do what I do. I look forward to the trauma counselling sessions next year”. (M Abdol)

The importance of balance in our lives is so important to help our clients living a ‘well-being”-life. It gives an opportunity to do stocktake of myself as a counsellor and sharpen my skills”. (C Meaker)

This reminded me of the importance of balance: we cannot neglect parts of our being and expect to be leading a full life. Re-affirmation of my worth and how important it is for me to add to my own wholeness. Experienced encouragement to keep investing into the wellness of others”. (P Viljoen-Louw)