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The end of the 2017/18 Tour Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Saturday, 17 November 2018, 8:05 PM

Dear Colleagues

We have reached the end of the CPD Tour Workshops for 2017/2018, as well as my involvement with the CPD workshops for this particular professional body.


The purpose of the very short letter is to conclude some practical arrangements:

·         ASCHP and Liedani have ...

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Feedback from 2018 Kimberley Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Sunday, 22 July 2018, 5:48 PM

Die Workshop from Bikers Church

18.1 Research & Theory: Specialized Counselling

“Certainty of scope of practice – clarification. Broadening of areas of counselling information. Work positively, not always focusing on the negative.” NS

18.2 Practice Tools: Effective Practice Management - Presented by Wynand Louw CFP® FIISA


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Reactions from 2018 Paarl and George Workshops
by ASCHP Site Admin - Monday, 21 May 2018, 8:08 PM

The CPD tour workshops for the first half of 2018 are completed. Here is reaction from participant from the Western Cape: Paarl and George.

Annatjie Nel attended all the sessions and summarized the three days as follows: “It was genuinely one of the best workshops I have attended. It was ...

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Dr Barbara
Schedule of CPD Workshops and Tours
by Dr Barbara Louw - Saturday, 17 February 2018, 5:38 PM


 Lynnwood, Pretoria

1st Semester:

13 February 2018 (Day 1 themes)

13 March 2018 (Day 2 themes)

17 April 2018 (Day 3 themes)

2nd Semester:

11 September 2018 (Day 1 themes)

16 October 2018 (Day 2 themes)

13 November 2018 (Day 3 themes)

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Dr Barbara
Introducing ASCHP
by Dr Barbara Louw - Tuesday, 30 January 2018, 7:36 AM

Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP) SAQA registered professional body with NQF registered designation. SAQA ID 984.

Beneficiaries of ASCHP CPD program


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Available courses

This module is inportant to all members of the Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP).

As member of this professional body (SAQA registration No 984) you have to adhere to all aspects as published in the Goverment Gazette.

This is a total approach across a wide spectrum of modalities to enhance wellbeing. 

-          Wellness enhancement is positive counselling that follows a salutogenic approach focusing on factors that support human health and wellbeing rather than factors contributing to disease and dysfunction. 

-          Research shows that a sense of coherence, based on comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness, significantly contributes to healing and normalization.

Ethics small

Your opportunity to specialize in counselling by exploring scope of practice.

-          We provide you with an overview of Wellness scope of practice with reference to wellness theory and spectrum of counselling opportunities.  We also discuss an important  areas of specialization, namely:

-          Marriage counselling  as area of specialization that includes relationship dynamics and sexual problems


How to manage your counselling practice effectively.

Good practice management is crucial to professional success.  Unfortunately many counsellor fail because of bad practice management.  In order to help our counsellors excel in good practice we offer:

To provide you with templates of  registration forms.

We discuss personal indemnity insurance.
Practice Management

How to read your client using body language.

Non-verbal communication is a powerful tool to learn more about your client. This CPD will introduce you to the basics of body language.

Visual examples of body language will be demonstrated to help you master this helpful tool.

Become a master counsellor and use NLP techniques.

NLP involves the study of the optimum acceleration of human performance and the development of authentic personality within an holistic frame of reference.  You will learn

•       The art and science of communication used by successful people

•       Ways to record our experiences to achieve better outcomes

•       Guidelines for organization our internal programming to reach desired goals

•       A clever technique for the effective programming of your neurological system to cultivate more useful inner beliefs.


Summary:  NLP is a commonsense system of everyday psychology for everyone – it can help you break free from negative thoughts by monitoring and adapting of your thinking.

Expand your practice through group counselling opportunities.

Active marketing involves the creation of a counselling forum to draw people.  Group counselling provides such a forum where people can share and assist one another to solve problems, grow and develop.

-          Learn how to establish a homogeneous group for specific needs such as divorced couples, drug addicts or marital enrichment

-          Learn how to employ group dynamics and counselling techniques to manage such a group

A successful group becomes a feeding source to grow your practice easily.

Become an educator counsellor – train learners in memory improvement

The effective counsellor is also an educator and by offering training in life skills, your practice can gain meaningful significance.  Your learners as well as elderly people often struggle with memory impairment.  This CPD will introduce you to easy to use and proven memory enhancement techniques.

-          Learn how to use user friendly techniques to easily improve memory

-          Benefit from improving your own memory for easier learning capability

-          Learn which supplements can add to memory enhancing

The value of this useful CPD is that it will draw needy people to your practice in need of memory enhancement – and that includes almost everyone you are in contact with.  It could also lead to the establishment of an  Alzheimer’s group.

Discover a universal human need - counselling for longevity.

Chronic diseases are escalating at an alarming rate and statistics show that vast numbers of the public suffer from diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and inflammatory diseases such as asthma.  We are not interested in telling you how to treat these diseases because it is the work of the doctor. This CPD will introduce you to the principles of longevity and ways to prevent these diseases and increase the quality of life.

-          Learn more about easy life style changes that can increase life span

-          Be in a position to counsel your clients in improving the physical quality of life

By offering these counselling classes you can easily reach many interested parties such as parents with sick children of people living in an old age home.  It may greatly expand the influence of your counselling practice.